Friday, January 7, 2011

Thinking About Things

You know I'm excited about something. Since I haven't told, I don't even want to tell. I love the ability to keep my mouth shut. We talk too much. Tell stuff we shouldn't, want to know how to do stuff we can't, and don't do what we can.

It's not a secret. It will be revealed, but within its time. God, I feel a rush when i recognize I recognize it is not for me to lean on my understanding. We all select what we want to believe. Many of us go to church because that is how we were brought up. Even if we stop going for years, we usually begin going again if we have that solid "church going" foundation. So often or beliefs are based on what others have fed us. Rarely is their the person who has thought for themselves why they should believe this, that, or the other. Religion and political affiliation are almost always handed down from generation to generation.

How often do you just think about things? How often do you ask yourself why you believe what you do, why you have faith in what you do, and how did you develop these beliefs? I think about things. Especially things that affect me directly. I think about whether I am doing the right thing by living the life I live. I asked my son if he had a problem living the way we live. He asked me, "What's wrong with the way we live?" I mentioned needing a roof, and the complications that go along with it. He was adamant that he was satisfied with what we have.

It's not a secret this thing I that has happened to me. By no means, I just want to keep it to myself as long as I can. The great thing about it is it has brought so many more questions, it has awakened my senses and has made me thinks about things.

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