Sunday, January 16, 2011

You're So Lucky

We had one of those moments where as they say in the Viagara, "Touch, or a glance could change things in an instant."

We were cuddling and snuggling then my husband says, "You are so lucky."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because after 25 years your husband is still attracted to you."

I couldn't dispute him. I do feel lucky in the terms. It does mean a lot to me that he wants me when he sees me. It does make me feel good to think I turn him on at a glance or a touch. It always has and always will.

Our sexual chemistry is something we discovered and have most definitely used to our advantage to stay together. He was slow to learn a lot of things, but once again, because I stayed; I was able to reap the benefits and now he is an excellent, giving, slow hand lover. A man with a slow hand and an easy touch cannot be beat.

25 years later, all these things count even more. Sometimes all I can do is hold him while he trembles and aches with pain. He often falls to sleep and swears it is my soothing touch to is keeping him alive. Yeah, I am lucky.

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