Friday, January 28, 2011

Losing Hours

When my business picks up, my life shifts greatly because I do it all. I love it though. I love helping people make books.

I am working towards only writing and publishing, with sporadic speaking engagements and a radio show. This is what I see myself doing in the very near future.

The only problem I seem to repeatedly run into is folk looking for a discount before they even sign with me. There is no incentive for me to reduce my prices. I am often insulted by the fact they are so willing to make sure I am making less than I deserve right from the beginning. What a selfish way to begin a relationship.

Yet, i keep doing my best to give the best service I know how to give. What I really like about owning my own business is I do not have to work with anyone I don't want to. I can choose what projects I take on and can leave the others behind.

Gotta stay focused.

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