Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Regrets, At All

I recently had something happen to me that allowed me to get rid of some 26 year old baggage. I must tell you I truly feel blessed. I feel as though the Creator is cradling me, keeping me from harm and discomfort. So many times people leave this earth with so much unfinished business.

My uncle recently died. I viewed him as a closed off, non-emotional man who didn't care much about anyone else but himself. Yet, before he died he took the time to write each of his five children up to four page letters, each. I was so proud of him for doing this, whether his kids appreciated it our not. It showed that he knew there was something else that needed to be said and he took the time to do it.

I feel validated by God. I feel as though God is saying to me, "Wanda, you deserve peace on earth." I got a chance to say what I wanted to say back when the person refused to hear me. They were receptive now and they too, felt like it was fate, destiny that brought us together, at this time.

There is no one else I need to clear anything up with, as far as I know. There may be someone out there holding a grudge, or feeling they need to say something to me and I pray they approach me. I pray I can be receptive and open, but most of all helpful in relieving any stress they may have experienced because of something I have done in the past.

I will leave this earth with no regrets at all. I am much more careful than I was when I was younger, so I do not leave too much wreckage behind me as I plow through my journey in this life.

If you need to make up, make up. If you need to say you're sorry, do that, just don't let it fester and turn into something that could hold you back. No regrets, that's the ticket.

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