Monday, July 25, 2011

Blaming the Victim

Our country has always been heavily into blaming the victim. Throughout history people have been taken advantaged of and them blamed for allowing themselves to be taken advantage of.

Folk, especially men folk, love to project their wrongs onto others. Some are masters at this and are unable to accept when they are wrong. They usually have a gift for gab and is able to out talk most people. Not me.

I have found myself in altercations with men because I refuse to play dumb when they come at me with their projection BS. When I call them on some limitation, or wrongdoing, they immediately want to try to tear me down by asking me if I'm married and what kind of husband do I have. Those that do this are obviously used to dealing with women who don't have brains, or are afraid to use them because they know the man can't handle it.

I'm not that kind of woman. I am not about to dumb down for any man, in any situation. I don't need nothing on earth bad enough to make a fool out of myself for the sake of having a man in my life. My husband learned to let me be me and he tried to love me in his own way, which was not love at all, of course. Still, he felt the love coming from me and that turned out to be enough in many ways. So what I usually have something to say, I am a loyal, dedicated woman and who doesn't want that?

Hey, men need to get over themselves. We all come here with a mind and we are expected to use them. Don't hate me cause I know it and ain't scared to show it.

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