Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why I Am Okay

A friend asked me how I was holding up. Before that question she had talked about the sermon her minister gave regarding being redeemed. I replied to her question, "I am redeemed."

I obeyed God and stayed in my marriage until it was clearly no hope of survival. I encountered was rough patches, but for the most part, I must admit, I did it with ease. I withstood situations, scenarios, and circumstances; that quite frankly would have sent some of the baddest sisters a runnin'. I hung in there.

God promised me, me at the end. I knew I would have my mind, body, and soul intact. I obeyed and now that it is over, I feel transformed. I have learned so much loving someone who was hard to love.

My next few post will be about what I learned during my 26 year relationship with one man.

I am okay because I believed and had faith I would be a victor when all was said and done. There is no loss.

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