Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Don't Know Me-2

When will folk get it through their head that they don't know other folk. Just because a person has done something a certain way 100's of times doesn't mean they cannot change or choose a different path.

I am running into this regarding my decision to separate from my husband. I can tell folk are waiting for me to be be forgiving and allow my husband to reenter my life. The difference this time makes all the difference in the world. He has displayed a complete unwillingness to live his life. I cannot do that for him. Why should I utilize my energy to keep him alive? All I get is what I have and it is not my responsibility to keep him alive.

He has demonstrated a complete inability to live within the realm of reality. His denial of the severity of his illness has sickened my beyond words. I am not made for despair. I want to live this rich and full life God has provided me with.

So many people, worse off than he have found a way to find create a life worth living. My husband is unwilling to do that. If he could behave the way he did, knowing all he had to lose; so be it.

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