Friday, July 29, 2011


Marriage and family life were enough for me. It is more than obvious God has something else in store. Even though I enjoyed learning how to be a wife and mother, I am so ready for something else.

The greatest thing about separation is if you are capable of looking at yourself and examining the choices and actions that have gotten you to this point, hindsight, you can figure out what you could have done differently. Whether you would have done it differently doesn't matter as much as being aware that the same choice will present itself, it is at that time you will be challenged with making a different, or the same decision.

We repeat harmful decisions for various reasons. None of which are truly valid, except we did not learn from the consequences of the harmful decisions, or we are making the choice want. I have always been the sort to try to learn from my mistakes and those of others.

Now that I know enough isn't good enough for me, I'm ready for what lies ahead.

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