Saturday, July 30, 2011

Taking Charge of Your Life

Ever since I've accepted my adult responsibilities, I have chosen not to make excuses and do the best I can with whatever I have at any given moment. I am in control of my life. I recognize this completely and expect little when it comes to help from others. I have a rich life, full of opportunities and adventure.

I am so glad I've learned how to truly live. All my friends are looking at me sideways because they are expecting to see me react as I have in the past. Nothing is the same and I know it. Being separated from my husband is the best thing for both of us. Even though he is seriously ill, I'm not the best person to be his caretaker. He really doesn't like me and now that we are separated he is going all out to get back at me.

The great thing about it is I've been authentic and true throughout the whole time. The people close to me know the truth and that is all that is important. As long as no one is taking control over my life, I am fine. I am in a great spot.

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