Friday, May 20, 2011

The Little Things

I listen to young women who think that what a man has makes him a man. They talk about he had better spend "X" amount of money and time on them to show he cares. They already know people do what they want, whether it is in their best interest or not. The fact he spends money on you does not necessarily mean he cares about, or even likes you.

We enter into relationships with all kinds of false ideas. We know some of the stuff can't or won't happen, but we have the nerve to be upset when it doesn't materialize. Rarely do these women take the time to discover what they have or do not have to bring to the table. They are simply looking to receive.

It is the little things that count. I am so grateful I stayed long enough to realize this and to live it everyday. I have grown to be grateful my husband is alive. I can remember a time when I wanted to kill him. God is good!

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