Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Challenge

Our challenge is to be the best people we can be at all cost. There are always chances to screw up our lives and just as many to chance make things right. We have to be willing to be honest with ourselves, live as close to God's word as possible, and do no harm to others in the process of discovering our purpose in this life.

I take this challenge on daily. I had to accept I could be cruel, dismissive, judgemental, and suspicious. I had to learn to be compassionate. I had to learn to really listen to others. I had to learn to let my light shine, (be authentic).

It has taken me years of looking at myself first in all situations, circumstances, etc. I learned to look for and accept what I contribute to any conflict and do my best to accept responsibility and find a way to make things better if that is what is required of me.

Our challenge is to love. To be open to giving and receiving it. To talk about it, to express it, to show, to know it when it is true. God mandates us to love.

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