Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Just Me

I've always been an easy going type person. I don't trip on much and I like to allow others to be themselves. I find most people who really take the time to know me are pleasantly surprised to find I am not stuck up, mean, judgemental, or unapproachable as they have heard, or assumed by the way I carry myself.

I am the no nonsense type. I don't play games, or choose a lie over the truth. I pride myself on beings as honest as I possibly can be. Sometimes the honesty is too much for folk because they are not used to people being straightforward. They are more concerned with being liked than being respected or treated well. When they meet someone like me, who is going to treat them like they are worthy, they tend to think something is wrong with me.

It's just me, to let you be you. My ability to do this is what kept my husband with me all these years. He hadn't and still hasn't met anyone who allows him to be himself as I do. Now, he'll have to learn to be himself with whomever he's with.

It's just me to recognize the God in others and to know it is not up to me to determine what is best for them, I am only mandated to love them. God will do the rest.

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