Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Holding Pattern

Over the past seven years people have been removed from my life. This year my husband and oldest daughter have moved on. I am grateful to God I have been able to practice detachment and I am sincerely open to them not being in my life.

I've been in a holding pattern for a few years now. I've allowed myself to be open to possibilities and I've moved beyond so much of what was keeping me from being the person I know I was meant to be. I am happy with myself and my life.

I've been open to ta higher calling. I stayed in my marriage believing if I was the person I wanted a person to be to me, that my husband would have to change, or he would not. He did not so, we are not.

I'm coming out of the holding pattern. I'm being freed and so are those around me. Life is good and we all have the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest. My family is in full transition and I embrace it. I am holding on no more.

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