Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God's Will Be Done

The solution! It is clear to me it is God's will my husband and I live in separate spaces. There are many reason this is necessary. My son actually spent the night with his father in his new place. When he came home I asked him, "So, how was the sleepover?"

He had to laugh and so do I. We chuckled for a while and then he said, "He's lonely. Yeah, Ma, I'm trying to change and grow while I'm in my 20's. I have to at least try."

I agreed with him and as we continued to talk about the time he spent with his dad, I felt a tug on my heart. It felt warm and complete. I still got what I wanted most and that was for my husband to have a relationship with his children. I said to my son, "He shoulda been a "babies daddy."

"Shoulda, woulda, coulda, it is too late now." My son said with assurance and we began to mock my stupid statement and laugh. I told my boy how proud I am of him to that he is stepping up and taking care of his dad. He is taking him to surgery today and will pick him up. I am so blessed. I am extremely happy. Whether we are together or not, we are a family. My marriage is traditional is the best sense because it is been driven by God's will.

If I had my way, he would be home with me, but that is not how it can be. God has work to do on him and He can't with me around. My husband doesn't believe enough on a spiritual level, yet. God is working on him. God's will is being done.

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