Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pretty Wings

This has been a year of transition for more than just my husband and I. My oldest daughter is moving to Houston, TX. This is going to be very hard on me because she is my sole support. No one helps me more than she does.

Yet in still, I want her to go. She is 31 and needs to begin her life. She is leaving a boyfriend behind, who will soon be an ex-boyfriend. Other than that, she has no reason to stay, or come back. I told her not to come back. I encouraged her to seek a life there.

She is going to help my sister who has had twins at age 40. She will be 41 in a few days. My daughter took care of both my children when they were first born. She is a caring and loving young woman who will treat those children with the best of care.

It is time for her to spread her wings. Her future is bright and unlimited. God's speed!

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