Friday, August 5, 2011

Such Clarity

When I was going through the trials and tribulations over the last 26 years, I fought against believing it was meant for me to be in the circumstances I found myself in. It has only been within the last seven years that I have fully accepted God's will for my life. By doing so I was freed from the misguided beliefs and ignorance that kept me bound to the devil for so many years.

When you become enlightened, you can no longer act like, live like, or pretend like, you don't know better. As I really began to live within God's will, I recognized my resistance to many things waned. I became more willing to allow others to be who they are. I began to accept my limited role in the lives of others, and take more stock in the role I needed to play in my own life.

Now, today? I awake with such clarity. I feel as though I could do anything, but at the same time is content to do noting at all. I've always been pretty even, but now I feel a true sense of moderation. I have no desire to over do anything. I just want to be the best person I can and remain as clear in mind, as I am today.

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