Monday, August 15, 2011

Can We Just Get Along?

He said he contacted me because he wants us to be "cordial." I can do that, especially since we still have a teenager to rear. There is no need for animosity. I am free of the daily torture I was experiencing and I am thankful for the break. He looks like death, but there is nothing I can do about that, for he has made the choices that has led to this unfortunate situation.

He needs his family, but he doesn't know it because he's stuck on stupid, thinking he is in control. Now he has responsibilities he never had, things to remember someone else would normally take care of, and loss of affection and companionship. He has to live this way to know there were better days.

Yes, I will get along with you, but I will not allow you to drag me into your unbelievable darkness. We all have our path. He is a person foremost and he has to make his own way. Maybe not having me will make the path clearer.

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