Monday, August 1, 2011

Running Away

There are people who have been married a long time who are feeling things are not the same. I would challenge them to examine their reasons for wanting to identify with what is wrong in the relationship.

Throughout our relationship my husband would run away from conflict, whether he caused it or not. There was a time when I would run after him. The scene in the movie Baby Boy, where she follows him outside and down the stairs actually occurred in my relationship. We we enclosed and were the only one's present. I was yelling at him, trying to get him not to leave. I became angry and abusive. As he bolted down the stairs he said, "this is so childish."

It struck a cord and I didn't chase him again. To this day, he has never viewed his running away, in all its many forms, as childish. Once again he has successfully sabotaged a good thing.

We must have be vigilant when it comes to our marriages. We keep wanting to give up instead of standing up to ourselves and our mates. We often participant in childish behavior, but expect our spouses to grow up. We must continue to look at ourselves. Of this I am completely convinced. For me, the proof is in the pudding. I am completely satisfied to be just as I am.

I let him run away. It is in my nature to immediately forgive and I offered him forgiveness, but he refused it. He held fast to his mean-spirited mental breakdown. Once I got past the initial shock of it all, I was ready to party and plan to often.

People who run away from situations they have helped to create are cowards and false prophets. They proclaim to want to be, but cannot produce. They run away when they get tired of giving. Giving should be its own reward. Keep on running!

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