Friday, September 30, 2011

My Grandmother Didn't Get to be 92 by Being No Fool

My grandmother turned 92 today. I called to wish her a happy birthday. We exchanged the usual chatter, then she got serious.

"Your sister Sal wants to take me out to dinner. I don't want to ride with her."

"She doesn't know you don't want to ride with her? Are you ready to have that conversation?"

"No, I'm not there yet."

""You want me to tell her?"

"Yeah, do that for me."

My sister experiences black out seizures, but still has the nerve to drive. The first time she had an accident with my grandmother in the car, grandmother was able to steer them to safety, once she got my sister's foot off the pedal. The second time, people actually got hurt. Grandmother said, "Ride with Sal, no, no, no."

I would have laughed if it weren't so sad. It is my sister's ego, and the State of Illinois' negligence that keeps her on the road. My grandmother didn't get to be 92 being no fool.

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