Monday, September 5, 2011

Something New -3

For months I've been having this feeling that it is time for me to do something new. Something I've never done before. Since my husband and I have been separated the urge has grown tremendously. I could not figure out what that feeling meant. After reading an article in Essence Magazine about interracial marriage, my mind opened up. It is time for a new attitude about who I can love.

For most of my adult life, I have always said I would never date outside my race. The most important of the reasons had to do with our slave past and the truth that black men need us. I am highly sensitive and connected to the human spirit. I wanted to do my part.

Yet, black men are not as loyal. They have taken advantage of the shortage of black men and abused black women's loyalty. They keep us hating each other because we constantly find out, we are sharing our men.

No more. I am not sure how this separation is going to end, or if it will. I do know that if we do not stay married, I will date outside my race. I am going to do something new.

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