Saturday, September 3, 2011

Father and Son

My son and husband have spent more time together in the last two months than they have in the last three years. Our separation has been good for their relationship in many ways.

The most important thing that has come out of the separation is my son has become more compassionate and introspective. He is analyzing his father's every word and move and has come to the conclusion that the way he is like his dad the most, is the worse.

He has come to recognize he is selfish in the same way his father is and he does not like what he has discovered. He is offering more help in areas I would not have imagined. He has come to me and told me, "Mom, you never ask me for anything. I want to help."

God is so good. When I was trying to control things, they couldn't come together. Even though the most I did was tried to keep his dad in the house with him. As it turned out, God wanted it differently. The initial way the separation came about was devastating, but after seeing the results, it is totally worth it.

All I ever wanted was for them to act like father and son. It is happening.

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