Monday, September 5, 2011

Interracial Relations

I have been pretty adamant that if I were ever free again I would not date outside my race. I read an article in Essence Magazine that changed my mind.

It was a simple statistic that changed over 30 years worth of belief. He explained it clearly, black women are very loyal, but also very lonely because of their loyalty. As he said, there are simply more available men in other races.

Many of the struggles black men experience keep them from being ideal marriage partners. Black women who want to be in intimate relationships should consider giving another race a try. There are a lot of black skinned men, who are not American.

The other thing he said that rang true was that being in such high demand gives black men an unfair edge over black women. This fact helps create the belief in some men that because there are so many more women to choose from, they should in fact do that. My husband told me, "there are so many of ya'll and not enough of us, that women just throw themselves at you."

Of course the man could always say no, but that is rarely what happens.

I see things differently now. Especially after I recognized how deep my desire is to share my love. I love to love and not having a man to share it with is not okay with me. At the same time, I'm sick of the attitude many black men have, my husband included, who feel like they can do whatever they want because they know there is a shortage.

I found out what the something new is I want to do.

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