Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Best Compliment

I had the pleasure of talking with a man I new when I was 22 years old. He was from another country and seemed to really like me. We saw each other for a few months, then he left and went to the army. I was devastated when he left because I had, for the first time, felt as though I truly loved and cared about him.

When he left for the army, my heart was broken. I felt as though I have lost a tremendous opportunity to love someone who would change my life. I tracked him down and began writing him letters. He wrote me letter back and I have reread them time and time again throughout the years.

It was through his son, his namesake, that I found him on Facebook. He accepted my request to be his friend and we began corresponding. The first time I talked to him I recognized he may not have been the right choice for me as a mate. I was glad we didn't hook up. Yet, I did find I still felt a certain aliveness when I talked to him.

He told me he was glad he met me. He said he used the way I responded to him as a reference when he dealt with other women. He felt as though I represented what a real woman was about. He claims that after reading my writings that I showed signs of being the woman I have become, 27 years ago.

It was a great compliment. I felt good to know that I have basically remained the same and that who I am is appreciated.

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