Thursday, September 29, 2011

Double-edged Situation

I was talking to a man who is 61 and never been married. He has several children, but did not raise any of them because the women he chose was unable to recognize his need for independence. They refused to let him be around his children because he didn't want to be tied down with them.

He simply knew who he was and that he was not marriage material. He knew at a young age he didn't want to inflict his way of life on a family, but the women he chose could not appreciate his honesty and opted for barring him from the lives of his offspring.

This happens alot, "I ended up raising the kids of the women I was with. I am only now, able to have relationships with my own, now they are adults."

The fact he is willing is what is so amazing. We are now in a time where women are making money, and don't need financial help, as much as they are looking for emotional stabilty. Men, on the other hand have most likely been raised to believe that all they should do is provide for the family. It is a double-edge situation that causes men and women to continue to go round and round about who should be doing what.

We need love. All of us. If we would just approach the situation with that in mind, it would be a smoother ride to getting what you need.

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