Monday, September 26, 2011

Time to Grow Up

My 31 year old will be leaving soon. She is going on to a better way of life, whether she knows it or not. It will be better because it will be built on her own terms. She is going somewhere where she will have minimal support. She'll have to learn now to get around, where to shop, where to party, etc.

I am excited for her. I thought I'd freak out more if she was to leave because it is such a comfort having her here. But, I want her to go on with her life. I want her to discover how strong and smart, and powerful she is. She has a great oppotunity to have much more than she would if she stays here.

Moving to a new place always gives the person an opportunity to develop their social skills, learn something they did not know and adds a level of excitement to life that one cannot get when they are stuck in their comfort zone.

Surprisingly, she is really ready to go. I would not have thought she would have embraced it so readily, but she has and that is going to make it all the more better for her once she gets there and is faced with certain challenges. She will do what she can get what she needs.

I will miss her tremendously, but it is time for her to grow up.

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