Friday, September 30, 2011

When I am Right, I am Right

My husband is having a hard time. He is being removed from the place he is staying and three months later he is still blaming me for it. He does not see that it is his attitude towards the world that has caused him to be where he is. He is blaming me because he is not with his family.

I just sat and listened to what he had to say. He said I was 100% and he couldn't hold his temper anymore. Well, that's on him. He now has to deal with not being able to hold his temper. It is not desire to see him hurting. It is what it is.

He accused me of not caring about him. He has completely glamorized his part in the incident. He is in so much denial it is scary. I was right to let go and let God work with him. I cannot and will allow myself to continue to be mistreated. He has no respect for me as a woman or his wife.

I am free from all that now. When I am right, I am right and I was right to stop trying to be something to someone who could not appreciate it.

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