Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More and More

I am adapting to being by myself very well. I no longer feel like I missing someone. Glad that feeling didn't last long. I am so ready to do something else. Life is opening up just fine. I feel confident I am on the right path.

I don't think I'll ever live with another man. It is just too hard. They are so different from us (females). I have learned that what bothers me most about them, is their maleness and they can't help being male, no more than I can being female. The only solution is for me to keep my distance.

Even though I am a lover, I don't have to have my lover under the covers with me every night. I like sleeping alone. I like not having to consider someone else when I want to turn over or move a lot. I can do me.

I am so grateful for the experience my marriage has given me, but most of all the self-awareness and self-knowledge has been most beneficial. I won't make the same mistakes with other men that I did with my husband because more and more I am coming into my own appreciating and valuing myself.

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